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01. This is an off-topic, drama-free community; anything is welcome.
02. All the not safe for work images/videos/etc should be placed under a lj-cut. Note: NSFW content is allowed as long as it isn't something that couldn't be showed in a rated R film.
03. No bashing of other members or drama of any kind. There's always the ban_set option, and we won't hesitate to use it.
04. ALL entries must be friends locked. Please do not disable, delete OR screen any comments.
05. Tags are your friends. We ask you to always tag your entries, and if you don't know how to tag one, just post it and we'll make a new one! Note: Please check the tags before submitting an entry without them; we'll only make new tags if the entry really does not fit any other that exists already.
06. No promoting of any kind. We'll post a promotion post once every two weeks and that's the only chance you'll have to promote something.

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